Book Two – In Progress

I am almost through with the research for “Book Two” in “The Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy” series.  I find it much easier to write when most of the research is done in advance.  In this book, David Cortez and characters from Book One will have to deal with the deteriorating  situations in Europe while facing an adversary more evil and powerful than they could ever have imagined.  We will find out more about the “shadowy cloaked figure” who appeared late in Book One and David will learn more about the extraordinary powers of the “Blood Ring”.

Possible new locales for “Book Two” include the “The Whitechapel District of London“, “Stonehenge“, “Paris and the rural French countryside”, “Munich and Eastern Europe“, and “Cairo and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt“.

For those of you who have finished “The Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy” Book One, I would appreciate your comments here on the Blog or better yet, leave a review on the site from which you purchased the book.

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