A Great Tool for Authors

For those of you searching for a means to put your ideas out in the form of an ebook, I recommend you check out a great tool I found while writing “The Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy”.

I originally started writing using Microsoft Word but I also have a laptop running Ubuntu Linux which I wanted to use while traveling in the motorhome.  I was using Libre Office on the laptop which saved to a word doc format but was constantly adjusting to the idiosyncracies of the separate programs.  I also had separate files for research notes which I had to keep track of.  One day I stumbled upon an ad for “Jutoh” by Anthemion Software Ltd.  I clicked the link and found exactly the tool I was looking for.

Jutoh allows me to use exactly the same interface no matter what operating system I happen to be using and has loads of features, including being able to keep all research notes in a scrap file within the writing project.  The ebook conversion tools work flawlessly and does not convert anything kept within the scrap file.  I was able to do conversions to epub and mobi formats and save them to the cloud and then preview them using the free Kindle and Nook apps available on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

I was able to paste the progress I had made using Microsoft Word into the new program with ease and my writing productivity increased immediately.  The best part was the software only cost $39.00 and I could download a demo before purchasing the complete software.

The project file takes a bit of setup but it is well worth the effort.  Any questions I had concerning the software were promptly answered via email by Dr Julian Smart and the answers were always spot on.

By utilizing Dropbox, I can now write, research or prieview from anywhere at any time.

This is an unsolicited testimonial for a great piece of software.

Here is the link if you want further information.


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