Help me say thanks to our Wounded Warriors


I was moved by a recent TV ad for the Wounded Warriors Project and the great sacrifices made by our military men and women around the world to protect us from harm. Whether you agree with our military policies abroad or not, there is no denying that these brave heroes have made sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty.  We all owe them a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid.

As a small gesture of gratitude, I have decided that any profits from the sale of “The Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy”, (either the paperback or ebook version) during the month of December will be donated to this worthy cause.  I encourage other authors to join me in helping our wounded heroes.

Here is a link to the paperback version $12.95 List and a code worth $ 3.00 off at Checkout.  If you chose not to use code more dollars get donated.

The Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy in paperback   use code 56BGN9E2 at Checkout

Here is a link to the ebook version $2.99 List.  Sorry no discount code.

The Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy ebook version